The Margaret Fuller Society is a nonprofit, educational organization. Established in 1992, through the efforts of Bell Gale Chevigny and Larry J. Reynolds, the society sponsors cultural events and academic panels, and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among Margaret Fuller scholars around the world.

Immediate Past President Charlene Avallone (left) and Past President Phyllis Cole (right) at the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House in Cambridge, MA

Jana Argersinger, President
Mollie Barnes, First Vice President
Christina Katopodis, Second Vice President
Sonia Di Loreto, Immediate Past President
Lisa West, Financial & Membership Officer
Leslie Eckel, Communications Officer

Board Members
Eagan Dean (2024-2026)
Yoshiko Ito (2024-2026)
Kathy Lawrence (2022-2024)
Jessica Lipnack (2024-2026)
Etta Madden (2024-2026)
Andrew Taylor (2022-2024)

Other Service Roles
Jessica Lipnack, Editor of “Conversations
Christina Katopodis, Website Developer and Editor
Leslie Eckel, Facebook Page Editor
Michael Barnett, Public Commemoration
Jennifer Daly, Graduate Student Liaison
Larry J. Reynolds, Fritz Fleischmann, Joan von Mehren, Bell Gale Chevigny, and Jeffrey Steele at a conference (circa 1995)

Read the list of past officers, and a chronology of the society’s emergence.

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