Past ALA Convention Paper Titles

2018 ALA Convention

Margaret Fuller: In the Classroom and Beyond (Chair: Larry Reynolds)

Holly Dykstra, “Using Fuller to Teach Fuller: Creating Agency and Security”

Callie Gallo, “Teaching Margaret Fuller, Fanny Fern, and the Nineteenth-Century Press in the Wake of #MeToo”

Lesli Vollrath, “Elemental Bodies: Mapping the Materialist Cartographies of Margaret Fuller’s ‘Leila’ and Kate Chopin’s The Awakening in a Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Classroom”

Nanette Rasband Hilton, “Praxis of Duality: The Sisterhood of Fuller’s ‘Leila’ and DuBois’s ‘Atlanta’”

Margaret Fuller: Out of New England” (Chair: Noelle Baker)

Simone Puelo, “Of Good and Noble Aspect: Margaret Fuller, Catholicism and Pius IX (1847-1850)”

Clemens Spahr, “Romantic Revolutions: Cosmopolitan Radicalism in Margaret Fuller’s Dispatches from Europe”

Katie Kornacki, “‘The Morning Star of Margaret Fuller’: The Woman’s Club Movement and the Legacy of Fuller’s Conversations”

Michael Schrimper, “Who’s Afraid of Margaret Fuller?: Literary and Biographical Connections Between Virginia Woolf and Margaret Fuller”

In other panels:

Lesli Vollrath, “A Choir of Resistance: Margaret Fuller’s Network of Nasty Women in Woman in the Nineteenth Century

Callie Gallo, “Nasty Women in the Press: Margaret Fuller, Fanny Fern, and the Pitfalls of Professionalization”

2017 ALA Convention

Presenting Margaret Fuller I: Touring, Film, and Digital Humanities (Chair: Charlene Avallone)

Reverend Jenny Rankin, “On the Road in Fuller’s Footsteps”

Sonia Di Loreto, William Bond, and Sarah Payne,“Presenting the Margaret Fuller Transnational Archive”

Jonathan Schwartz, “Documentary Film on Margaret Fuller: A Preview”

Presenting Margaret Fuller II: Writing Activism (Chair: Charlene Avallone)

Yoshiko Ito, “Rhetorical Strategies of Margaret Fuller and Hiratsuka Raicho”

Katie Kornacki, “Margaret Fuller’s New York Journalism: Anti-Capital Punishment Reform, Evolution, and the Role of the Public Intellectual”

Christina Katopodis, “Margaret Fuller’s Early Feminist Pragmatic Method”

In other panels:

Wesley Mott, “‘Testifying of that Unseen World within’: ‘The Dial’ and Transcendentalist Music Criticism”

2016 ALA Convention

Margaret Fuller in the 19th Century (Chair: Charlene Avallone)

Monica Urban, “The ‘Methodical Preceptress:’ Margaret Fuller and the Feminism of Fashion”

Chip Badley, “‘Restless Love’: Imagining Intimacy In The Memoirs Of Margaret Fuller Ossoli”  

Adrienne G. Perry, “Transnational Voices: Heteroglossia and Language Dominance in Woman in the Nineteenth Century”

Susan M. Stone, “‘Real, Complex Women’: Margaret Fuller’s ‘Second-Wave’ Transcendental Legacy”

Margaret Fuller in the 20th Century and into the 21st: Honoring Bell Gale Chevigny and Four Decades of The Woman and the Myth (Chair: Phyllis Cole)

Larry J. Reynolds, “Bell Chevigny: The Woman and the Myth”

Remarks, Bell Chevigny

Jeffrey Steele, “Encountering Fuller: Woman, Myth, Feminist Icon, ‘Margaret Ghost,’ and Beyond”

2015 ALA Convention

Conversations: Fuller, Alcott, and Others (Chair: Phyllis Cole)

Katie Kornacki, “‘A Loving League of Sisters’: The Legacy of Margaret Fuller’s Boston Conversations in Louisa May Alcott’s Work: A Story of Experience

Marielena James, “The Ideals of Companionate Marriage: A Conversation Between Louisa May Alcott and Margaret Fuller”

Helen Deese, “Caroline Healy Dall and the Mantle of Margaret Fuller”

Margaret Fuller: Toward a New Genealogy of Genius (Chair: Charlene Avallone)

Martha Davidson, “Margaret Fuller and the Search for Genius”

Jeffrey Steele, “Margaret Fuller and the Mobile Geography of Genius”

In other panels:

Christa Holm Vogelius, “Margaret Fuller’s Transatlantic Imagination”

Jason Berger, “Agitating Margaret Fuller”

2014 ALA Convention

Approaching Margaret Fuller I: Revisiting Critical Traditions/ Envisioning New Directions (Chair: Charlene Avallone)

Emily E. VanDette, “Fuller Objectification: From Phenomenally Homely to ‘Sexy Muse'”

Vesna Kuiken, “Earthly Mind: Margaret Fuller’s Corporeal Thinking”

Brigitte Bailey, “Fuller Futures: Transatlantic, Urban, and Political Perspectives”

Approaching Margaret Fuller II: Revisiting Critical Traditions/ Envisioning New Direction (Chair: Brigitte Bailey)

John J. Kucich, “The Geography of Gender: Margaret Fuller, Jane Johnston Schoolcraft and Settler Colonialism in the Upper Midwest”

Monika Elbert, “Old to New World Gothic: Margaret Fuller’s Appropriation of the American Landscape”  

Dawn Coleman, “Toward an American Secular Woman: The ‘Margaret-Ghost’ in Fiction”

In other panels:

Charlene Avallone, “The French Dis/connection: Why No Correspondence between George Sand and the Writers She Fascinated: Fuller, Emerson, Sweat, and Stowe?”

Amber Shaw, “The Ethics of Industry: Sophia Hawthorne’s and Margaret Fuller’s European Travelogues”

2013 ALA Convention

Margaret Fuller and the Peabody Sisters: Their World View (Megan Marshall)

Susan L. Roberson, “The Peabody Sisters’ Cuba Narratives”

Derric Ludens, “‘The Immense Disproportion’: Fuller, Brahmin Mysticism, and the Affective Power of Symbols”

2012 ALA Convention

Margaret Fuller’s Lives I (Chair: Larry J. Reynolds)

John Matteson, “The Arrival of the ‘Queen’: Solving a Textual Mystery in Woman in the Nineteenth Century”

Phyllis Cole, “‘I have never done you justice’: the Mutual Representations and Shared Legacy of Margaret Fuller and Elizabeth Peabody”

Jeffrey Steele, “The Imaginary Lives of Margaret Fuller”

Margaret Fuller’s Lives II (Chair: Jeffrey Steele)

Carter Neal, “The Work of Friendship”

Martha Davidson, “Margaret Fuller and Role-Playing: ‘More than One Phase of Character’”

Meg McGavran Murray, “Establishing Connections: From Transcendentalist Margaret Fuller to New Dealer Clara Beyer”

2011 ALA Convention

Exaltadas: Women and Transcendentalism I (Co-Chairs: Jana Argersinger and Phyllis Cole)

Noelle Baker, “‘Let Me Do Nothing Small’: Mary Moody Emerson and Women’s Talking Manuscripts”

Ricardo Miguel-Alfonso, “Exaltados and Exaltadas: Margaret Fuller and the Gendered Aesthetization of Politics”

Kathleen Lawrence, “Soul Sisters and the Sister Arts: Margaret Fuller, Caroline Sturgis, and the Forgotten Culture of Art Exchange”

Katherine Adams, “Black Exaltadas”  

Exaltadas: Women and Transcendentalism II (Co-Chairs: Jana Argersinger and Larry J. Reynolds; Respondent: Phyllis Cole)

Laura Dassow Walls, “The Cosmopolitical Project of Louisa May Alcott”

Jeffrey Steele, “Child and Fuller in New York: The Emergence and Limits of Sentimental Transcendentalism”

Dorri Beam, “Transcendental Erotics, Same-Sex Desire, and Ethel’s Love-Life”

2010 ALA Convention

Margaret Fuller’s Desires (Chair: Larry J. Reynolds)

LuElla Putnam, “‘Hers is but the common lot of all her Protestant and infidel sisters’: Margaret Fuller and the Restrictive Language of Spirituality”

Meg McGavran Murray, “Fuller’s Search for a Home”

Jeffrey Steele, “Margaret Fuller and the Vicissitudes of (Spiritual) Desire”

In other panels:

John Matteson, “‘In the Face of Cruelest Facts’: Margaret Fuller, Working Girls, and the Trouble with Chastity”

David Dowling, “Emerson’s Hero: Mentoring Margaret Fuller”

2009 ALA Convention

Fuller and Transnationality  (Chair: Larry J. Reynolds)

Brigitte G. Bailey, “Fuller in Britain: Reform Print Culture and the Industrial Nation”

Leslie Eckel, “The Transatlantic Public Spheres of Margaret Fuller and Grace Greenwood”

Joan von Mehren, “Margaret Fuller’s transatlantic Return: Recent International Readings”

Ways of Seeing and Ways of Saying: Reverberations from Margaret Fuller’s Boston Conversations–A Roundtable Discussion  (Chair: Fritz Fleischmann)

Helen R. Deese  [on Caroline Healey Dall]

Carolyn Karcher  [on Lydia Maria Child]

Megan Marshall  [on Elizabeth and Sophia Peabody]

Judith Strong Albert  [on Fuller’s circle]

2008 ALA Convention

Fuller and Her Contemporaries (Chair:  Larry J. Reynolds)

Bell Gale Chevigny, “The Problems of Representing Margaret Fuller”

David M. Robinson, “Margaret Fuller and William Henry Channing”

Phyllis Cole, “Marriage and Metaphysics: From Margaret Fuller to Louisa May Alcott”

Jeffrey Steele, “Margaret Fuller and Transcendentalist Criticism”

In other panels:

Martha Davidson, “Margaret Fuller’s European Travel Writings: Beyond Witness to Revolution”

Susan L. Roberson, “Jane Cazneau and Margaret Fuller: Writing War and Political Critique”

Kevin Plunkett, “Translations of Identity in Margaret Fuller”

2007 ALA Convention

Transcendentalism and the Female Voice, Body, and Self (Chair:  Kimberly V. Adams)

Derek Pacheco, “‘Conversations of a Better Order’:  Fuller, Emerson, and the Dial”

Michael Hurst, “Bodies in Translation:  Transcendental Feminism in Margaret Fuller’s Woman in the Nineteenth Century”

Jeffrey Steele, “Keys to the ‘Labyrinth of My Own Being’:  Margaret Fuller’s Epistolary Invention of the Self”

Fuller, the New-York Tribune, and Prison Reform (Chair: Larry J. Reynolds)

Sean Egan, “Gardens and Grasses:  Elitism and Egalitarianism in Margaret Fuller’s Literary Criticism”

Karen Roggenkamp, “Margaret in the Marketplace:  Fuller’s Prison Articles, Sentimentalism, and the Profession of Journalism”

Brigitte Bailey, “Fuller, Sedgwick, and Prison Reform in New York”

In other panels:

Debra Bernadi, “‘Sacred and Profane Love’:  Italian Catholicism and Romantic Love in Margaret Fuller and Harriet Beecher Stowe”

2006 ALA Convention

Visions and Revisions from New England to New York (Chair: Larry J. Reynolds)

Emily A. Parker, “Pragmatism, Transcendentalism and Margaret Fuller”

Aaron McClendon, “Theorizing an American Literature: Margaret Fuller’s New-York Tribune Book Reviews and Papers on Literature and Art”

Jeffrey Steele, “Modes of Urban Vision: The Collective Optics of Child and Fuller in the City”

Gendered Practices (Chair: Jeffrey Steele)

Jen McDaneld, “Woman in the Nineteenth Century, Prostitution, and the Benefits of a Both/And Philosophy”

Naz Bulamur, “Margaret Fuller: In and Out of  the Borders of the Nineteenth Century”

Nick Lawrence, “Spinning Dervishes: Dancing the Memoir in Summer on the Lakes”

2005 ALA Convention

When Fiction Becomes History: A Roundtable Inquiry

Judith Strong Albert, “Semi-Fiction as Bio-History: Margaret Fuller’s Women”

Joan von Mehren, “Biography as History: Minerva and the Muse: A Life of Margaret Fuller”

Barbara Novak, “Fiction as History: The Margaret Ghost”

Frances Richardson Keller, “Borders and Boundaries: The Histories of Fiction and the Fictions of U.S. History”

Fuller’s Aesthetics: Theory and Practice (Chair: Larry J. Reynolds)

Tina Gianquitto, “Goethe, Free Hope, and Margaret Fuller’s Dilemma of Perception in Summer on the Lakes, in 1843”

Kathy Lawrence, “Margaret Fuller’s Aesthetic Transcendentalism and Its Legacy”

Jeffrey Steele, “Child, Fuller, and the Practice of Urban Writing”

2004 ALA Convention

Searching for Margaret Fuller  (Chair: Mary G. De Jong)

Judith Strong Albert, “Comprehending Fuller: Stages Building a Character for All Time”

Carole Braverman, “’There Flourished at That Time in Boston A Very Remarkable Woman’”

Joy Carlin, “Playing with Margaret Fuller: ‘No Such Thing As a Purely Feminine woman’”

Margaret Fuller As Writer and Reformer (Chair: Larry J. Reynolds)

Julie Carr, “Negative Capability and the Enfranchised Soul: Keats, Fuller and the Poet in History”

Stephanie Kay Barron, “Putting the Ideal into Practice: Fuller’s New-York Tribune Articles and Dispatches”

Jeffrey Steele, “The Cultural Geography of Margaret Fuller’s New York”

2003 ALA Convention

Fuller’s European Connections (Chair: Jeffrey Steele)

C.C. Wharram, “Rereading Gothe through Margaret Fuller; or, the Surgical Translator”

Leslie Eckel, “’Magnetic Personal Influence’: The Friendship of Margaret Fuller and Elizabeth Barrett Browning”

Susan Patterson, “Every Topic Intensified, Clarified, Reduced to Portable Dimensions: Margaret Fuller and Victor Considérant”

Fuller and the Formation of Self and Society (Chair: Larry J. Reynolds)

Carolyn R. Maibor, “Sources of the Female Self: Fuller on the Importance of Work”

Stephanie K. Barron, “The ‘Frontispiece’ of Woman:  Emily Plater as Margaret Fuller’s Ideal Exaltada”

Jeffrey Steele, “Purifying America: Margaret Fuller’s Models of Social Diagnosis and Reform in New York”

2002 ALA Convention

Margaret Fuller and Women (Chair: Deshae Lott)

Deandra Little, “Women, Science, and Embodiment: Transcendental Electricity in Fuller’s Woman in the Nineteenth Century”

Martha Casey, “Margaret Fuller, Literary Criticism, and the Golden Rule: ‘In Fine, Read Me, Even as You Would Be Read’”

Sabine Noellgen, “Margaret Fuller and Bettine von Arnim’s Concept of Genius”

Fuller, Conventions, and Institutions (Chair: Larry J. Reynolds)

Michael Kolody, “Sightseer or Social Critic: The Aesthetics of Travel in Margaret Fuller’s Summer on the Lakes”

Jamie Ricalde, “Gender, Speech, and Writing in Fuller”

Charles Padron, “Margaret Fuller and the Limitations of Punishment: Some Reflections”

2001 ALA Convention

In Concord No More: Emerson, Sturgis, Fuller, and the Late 1840s (Chair: Thomas R. Mitchell)

Andrew Jenkins, “’O Sister of My Song’: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Caroline Sturgis, and Emerson’s Poems (1847)”

David M. Robinson, “Margaret Fuller, New York and the Politics of Transcendentalism”

Brigitte Bailey, “Fuller at the New York Tribune: Writing the National City ”

The Overlooked and the Revisited: New Studies of Margaret Fuller’s Manuscripts (Chair: Deshae Lott)

Christel-Maria Maas, “Femininity and Creativity: Margaret Fuller’s Use of Novalis’ Flower Symbolism”

Judith M. Bean, “Tensions Between Author and Publisher: Tracing Fuller’s Plans for Papers in Literature and Art”

Joan von Mehren, “Establishing the Facts on the Ossoli Family: An Example of E-Mail Research”

2000 ALA Convention

Fuller and Democracy (Chair: Thomas R. Mitchell)

Elizabeth Hewitt, “Phenomenal Friends: Fuller’s Epistolary Democracy”

Gregory Garvey, “Fuller’s Conversations and the Domestication of Discursive Democracy”

Paola Gemme, “Roman Visions of American Exceptionalism: A Study of Fuller’s Tribune Dispatches”

Fuller, Gender, and the Exceptional Woman (Chair: Robert N. Hudspeth)

Colleen Glenney Boggs, “Margaret Fuller and the Subject of Translation”

Stephanie Barron, “Health, Education, and Exceptionality in Fuller’s ‘Autobiographical Romance'”

Lance Newman, “The Landscape of Democracy in Summer on the Lakes, in 1843”

1999 ALA Convention

Margaret Fuller and Transcendentalism (Chair: Deshae Lott)

Cynthia J. Davis, “Margaret Fuller, Body and Soul”

Joseph C. Schopp, “The Metamorphic Self: Margaret Fuller’s Multiple M’s”

Bruce Mills, “‘Apprehensive Genius’: Margaret Fuller and the Science of Sympathy”

1998 ALA Convention

Teaching Margaret Fuller (Chair: Larry J. Reynolds)

Jan Little, “Fuller’s Electric Women: Science, Spirituality, and the Feminine”

Laurie James, “Making Fuller Known to the Public”

Judith Strong Albert, “‘I Feel As I Would Truly–A Teacher and a Guide'”

Fuller As Teacher (Chair: Robert Hudspeth)

Scott E. Gac, “The Eternal Symphony Afloat: The Transcendentalists’ Quest for a National Culture”

Laraine Fergenson, “What We Can Learn from Margaret Fuller’s Students”

Deshae Lott, “Fuller’s Teaching Premises: Know Thyself; Love Thy Neighbor”

1997 ALA Convention

Margaret Fuller’s Circles (Chair: Thomas R. Mitchell)

P. Seabrook Wilkinson, “Margaret Fuller and Washington Allston”

Deshae Lott, “Preaching Mysticism: Margaret Fuller as Veiled Lady”

Alissa Herschbach-McElreath, “Margaret Fuller’s Femality: Mythicizing the Female in Summer on the Lakes”

Fuller and Feminism (Chair: Kathleen McGinn)

Susan M. Stone, “Writing the Wrongs of Woman: Margaret Fuller’s Female School of Self-Reliance”

Suzanne Marcum, “The Function of Poetry in Summer on the Lakes: Creating a Feminist Aesthetic”

Ian Peddie, “Margaret Fuller and the Mind of Exile: Woman in the Nineteenth Century”