Past MLA Convention Papers

2018 MLA Convention

Margaret Fuller: New Critical Approaches (Chair: Dorri Beam)

Christina Katopodis, “The Trouble with Gender for Margaret Fuller”

Katie Simon, “Haunting Affect in Fuller and Thoreau”

2017 MLA Convention

Margaret Fuller and the Women of Her Time (Chair: Jana L. Argersinger)

Megan Marshall, “Fuller’s Conversations: Who Was There?”

Sarah Ann Wider, “The State of Nature: Fuller and Caroline Sturgis, at Home and Abroad”

Phyllis Cole, “Fuller and the European Women of 1848”

2016 MLA Convention

Margaret Fuller: Imperial Time, Expansion, and Borderlands (Chair: Jeffrey Steele)

Susan Louise Roberson, “Summers on the Lakes”

Emily K. Bald, “Unmapping Time: The Illegible Landscapes of Summer on the Lakes, Walden, and ‘Walking’”

Stephanie K. Barron, “Margaret Fuller’s Expansions in the Borderlands”

In other panels:

Meredith L. McGill, “Poetry and Aesthetic Attention in Margaret Fuller’s Summer on the Lakes

2015 MLA Convention

Margaret Fuller’s Circles (Chair: Jeffrey Steele)

Brigitte Bailey, “Reform Tourism and Transatlantic Movements in Fuller and Brown”

Brant Torres, “Distant Worlds of Light: Margaret Fuller, Occultism, and Intimate Inaccessibility”

Phyllis Cole and Albert J. von Frank, “Margaret Fuller, BFF: Encounters in Spirit Land”

2014 MLA Convention

The Genres of Margaret Fuller’s Writing (Chair: Jeffrey Steele)

Carter Neal, “The Conversational Aesthetic of Margaret Fuller’s Letters”

Martha Davidson, “Margaret Fuller, Woman in the Nineteenth Century, and the Sermon”

Derric Ludens, “‘Eternal Beauty from the Sculptured Stone’: Fuller’s Mysticism and Political Affect”

2013 MLA Convention

Fuller and Antebellum Urban Writing (Chair: Jeffrey Steele)

Bruce E. Mills, “Exhibiting Sympathy: Lydia Maria Child and the Problem of Science”

Ambar Meneses, “‘Awakening’ in Disgust from the Nightmare of Social Injustice in Child and Fuller’s Proreform Sketches of New York”

Nathan Mickelson, “‘Flashes and Specks’: The Effects of Disorientation in Whitman’s Urban Writing”

Joyce W. Warren, “A Commitment to Social Justice: Margaret Fuller and Fanny Fern”

2012 MLA Convention

Exaltadas: Women and Transcendentalism (Chair: Jana L. Argersinger)

Gary Williams, “What Margaret Thought of George”

Jennifer Anne Gurley, “Female Transcendentalist Poetry”

Susan M. Stone, “Going against the Bias: Transcendentalism from Margaret Fuller to Mary Wilkins Freeman”

Phyllis B. Cole, “Elizabeth Palmer Peabody: Woman of the Nineteenth Century”

Responding: Jeffrey Allen Steele

In other panels:

Kimberly S. Engber, “Margaret Fuller’s Intertexts”

Travis M. Foster, “Sympathy’s Urban Sublime: Margaret Fuller, Lydia Maria Child, and Involuntary Encounter”

2011 MLA Convention

Margaret Fuller: Writing the Self, Society, and Nation (Chair: Jeffrey Steele)

Aaron McClendon, “Margaret Fuller and the National Landscape of Washington Allston’s Paintings”

Sandra Alagona, “‘A Thinking Mind’: Margaret Fuller’s European Visions of America”

Sonia Di Loreto, “‘But Will You Have Patience with My Democracy?’: Margaret Fuller’s Epistolary Negotiation of a Transnational Praxis”

Judith Strong Albert, “Margaret Fuller’s Life on Location”

2009 MLA Convention

The State of Fuller Studies (Chair: Phyllis Cole)

Verna Kale, “Margaret Fuller, Fanny Fern, and the Evolution of a Feminist New Journalism”

Stephanie K. Barron, “Bridging Borders: Margaret Fuller and Gloria Anzaldúa”

Jeffrey Steele, “The Spaces of Fuller’s Writing”

Fuller: Intertextuality and Influence (Chair: Jeffrey Steele)

Sandra Alagona, “The Educational Place of Margaret Fuller’s ‘Conversations’ in the Early Republic”

Carol Strauss Sotiropoulos, “Revisiting Fuller, Goethe, and the German Romantics”

Dorri Beam, “Fuller’s Nature”

2008 MLA Convention

Margaret Fuller and Class (Chair: Margaret McGavran Murray)

Fritz Fleischmann, “Marx, Engels, and Margaret Fuller”

Jeffrey Steele, “Fuller and the Rhetoric of Class Consciousness”.

Brigitte Bailey, “Fuller Reports on Britain: Modernity, Geography, and Print Culture”

2007 MLA Convention

Margaret Fuller and the Politics of Everyday Life (Chair: Jeffrey Steele)

Laura Ruth Saltz, ” Margaret Fuller’s Magnetic Daguerreotype”

Corinne Kopcik, “Becoming a Magnolia: Margaret Fuller and the Language of Flowers as Early Feminist Discourse”

Brigitte G. Bailey, “Words in the Streets: Fuller, Everyday Print Culture, and an Urban Public”

International Margaret Fuller: Transatlantic and Global Circulations (Chair: Brigitte Bailey)

Sean Egan, “The Norwegian Fiddler, the Chinese Juggler, and Margaret Fuller’s Response to Modernity”  

Charlene Avallone, “Beyond Literary Nationalism with Margaret Fuller”

Renee Louise Bergland, “Dreaming of Rome–and This Is Cuba: Julia Ward Howe, Margaret Fuller, and the Transnational Transsexual”

2006 MLA Convention

Margaret Fuller and Revolution (Chair: Brigitte Bailey)

Leslie Eckel, “‘The Test of Salt Water’: Margaret Fuller, Frederick Douglass, and Transatlantic Abolitionism”

Elizabeth A. Fenton, “Reformers and Priests: Anti-Catholicism and the Liberal Democratic Project in Margaret Fuller’s European Dispatches”

Phyllis B. Cole, “Margaret Fuller, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and Revolution”

Margaret Fuller’s Geographies (Chair: Jeffrey Steele)

F. Buckley, “The Cultural Geography of Margaret Fullers Fourth and Highest Grade of Marriage”

Linda E. Chown, “More Than Stringing Beads: Margaret Fuller’s Expansive Perspectives in Summer on the Lakes

Aaron McClendon, “Constructing a Moral Geography: Margaret Fuller, Architecture, and the Spatial Development of Manhattan”

2005 MLA Convention

Margaret Fuller and Nineteenth-Century Women’s Writing (Chair: Jeffrey Steele)

Nicole C. Livengood, “Elsewhere and Other: Margaret Fuller’s Evolving Vision of the West”

Susan T. Lord, “The Dilemma of ‘Those, who seem overladen with electricity’: Lydia Maria Child and Margaret Fuller Respond to Madame de Staël’s Corinne

Dorri R. Beam, “’Ravishing Harmony’ of Gendered Spheres: Fuller and Oakes Smith on Marriage Reform”

Margaret Fuller and the Nation: Composition, Conversation, Translation (Chair: Brigitte Bailey)

Aaron McClendon, “Composing the Nation: Margaret Fuller, Music, and the Emergence of America’s Aesthetic and Cultural Hierarchy”

Claude Cohen-Safir, “Margaret Fuller and the ‘Art of Conversations’: A Subversion of the Sermonic Tradition in America”

Christina Zwarg, “National Traumas of Value in Fuller’s Eckermann”

2004 MLA Convention

Margaret Fuller and the Discourses of Liberty (Chair: Jeffrey Steele)

Hea-Gyong Jo, “’Principles of Conversation’: Journalism and  Fuller’s Risorgimento of 1848 in the New York Tribune

Randall Clack, “Turning ‘Dross to Gold’: Alchemical Liberation in  Margaret Fuller’s ‘Leila’ and Woman in the Nineteenth Century”

Leslie Eckel, “Margaret Fuller as Cosmopolitan Patriot”

Respondent: Patricia J. Roylance

The Future of Fuller Studies: A Panel Discussion (Moderator: Cristina L. Zwarg)

Speakers: Brigitte G. Bailey, Phyllis B. Cole, Thomas R. Mitchell

2003 MLA Convention

Margaret Fuller’s Networks (Chair: Jeffrey Steele)

Lesley Ginsberg, “’Show This to No One’: Margaret Fuller and the Making of Nineteenth-Century Female Subjectivity”

Melissa Joy Homestead, “Reconfiguring Margaret Fuller’s  Network of Influences to Include Catharine Sedgwick”

Vincent Joseph Bertolini, “Margaret Fuller’s Nervous Agency”

Fuller, Emerson, and Others (Chair: Larry J. Reynolds)

Martin Warren Kevorkian, “Margaret Fuller as Man of Culture in Emerson’s ‘Worship’”

Matthew William DeVoll, “Exorcising the Ghost of Fuller from Memoirs

Granville Ganter, “’When We Open Our Leaves’: Margaret Fuller,   Alcott’s Pedagogy, and Mary Ware Allen”

2002 MLA Convention

Fuller in the 1840s (Chair: Brigitte Bailey)

Colleen Glenney Boggs, “Fuller, Emerson and the Languages of Cultural Subjectivity”

John Owen Evelev, “Reforming the City Sketch: Margaret Fuller’s Tribune Writings”

Sonia Di Loreto, “Leaves Flying over the Land: National Formation and Political Continuity in Margaret Fuller’s Italian Dispatches and in the Italian Press”

Margaret Fuller’s New York (Chair: Jeffrey Steele)

Monika Elbert, “Charity in the Streets of New York: Fuller’s Subversion of Transcendentalist Self-Reliance”

Linda Anne Frost, “Eulogizing Margaret”

Dorri Beam, “A Fuller View of 1840s New York Literary Culture: Margaret Fuller and ‘Highly Wrought’ Women Writers”

2001 MLA Convention

Margaret Fuller’s Visions of Transformation (Chair: Larry J. Reynolds)

Katherine Adams, “Margaret Fuller, Reform, and ‘the Virgin-Mother of the new race’: Evangelical Discourse in Woman in the Nineteenth Century”

Lynn Wardley,  “Human in the Nineteenth Century: Margaret Fuller’s Romantic Biology”

Jeffrey Steele, “Fuller, Associationism, and the Sublime Spirit of Revolution”

Margaret Fuller’s America (Chair: Jeffrey Steele)

Deshae Lott, “The Religious Imagination in Margaret Fuller’s 1844-46 Tribune Writings: Re-visioning American Society and Politics”

Erika Maria Kreger, “Irish, Colored, Bond, or Free:  Rhetorical Constructions of Race in Margaret Fuller’s New York ”

Fritz Fleischmann, “Margaret Fuller and the Masses”

2000 MLA Convention

The Spaces and Borders of Margaret Fuller’s Writing (Chair: Jeffrey Steele)

Cheryl J. Fish, “Geographies of Desire, Displaced: Margaret Fuller’s ‘Public’ and ‘Private’ Summer on the Lakes

Dorri Beam, “Fuller Out-of-Body: Mystical Space and Electric Pleasures”

Brigitte Bailey, “Covering New York: Fuller, the Tribune, and the American Urban Imaginary”

1999 MLA Convention

Margaret Fuller and the Rhetoric of Social Change (Chair: Jeffrey Steele)

Gregory Garvey, “Fuller’s Woman in the Nineteenth Century and the Context of Reform in the 1840s”

Peter A. Dorsey, “Margaret Fuller and the Slavery Metaphor: The Transcendental Response”

Judith Bean, “Margaret Fuller and Women’s Rhetoric of Reform in the New York Tribune

1998 MLA Convention

Margaret Fuller and the “Revolutions” of 1848 (Chair: Jeffrey Steele)

Phyllis Cole, “Persisting to Ask: Margaret Fuller and Elizabeth Cady Stanton”

Annamaria Formichella, “‘This Great, Rich, Suffering World’: Margaret Fuller and the Nineteenth-Century Body Politic”

Sandra Gustafson, “Silence on the Border: The American ’48 in Fuller’s European Writings”