Teaching Margaret Fuller

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Sample Syllabi

This section features syllabi that include one or more of Margaret Fuller’s works in the reading list. Please use them to see which texts are being assigned, how many days  educators spend on each one, and which authors are taught before, alongside, and after Fuller. The syllabi are listed by author, course title, and semester taught. Click on the course title to download the syllabus.

Teaching Woman in the Nineteenth Century

Christina Katopodis, “Gender in the American Renaissance” (Fall 2017)

Christina Katopodis, “Women, Gender, and U.S. Literature” (Summer 2017)

Teaching Summer on the Lakes

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Sample Lesson Plans

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Sample Assignments

Christina Katopodis, “Editing Margaret Fuller’s Wikipedia Article: A Final Project

Further Reading

Margaret Fuller Society Members, “A Biography of Margaret Fuller

Christina Katopodis, “‘a remaking of the mind itself’: Margaret Fuller’s Pedagogy and Mine

Christina Katopodis, “Teaching the Impossible Syllabus: ‘Women, Gender & U.S. Literature’