Join us for two exciting panels on “Woman Questions” at “Thoreau and Diversity: People, Principles, Politics”

In keeping with the overall theme, “Thoreau and Diversity: People, Principles, Politics,” this year at the 2021 Virtual Thoreau Society Annual Gathering, the Margaret Fuller Society will sponsor the first of two sessions on “Woman Questions” on Thursday evening, July 8, to be followed by the second panel in the series sponsored by the Louisa May Alcott Society the next morning. 

The lineup of papers for both sessions is exciting, and we hope you’ll join us by registering for the conference.

Woman Questions 1, Thursday, July 8 at 7 PM EST

Moderated by Megan Marshall

“Margaret Fuller’s Civil Disobedience:  A Comparison with Thoreau,” Phyllis Cole

“Margaret Fuller: Woman As Fluid—and As Solid,” Jessica Lipnack

“The Future Leader in the Movement: Mourning Margaret Fuller at the First National Women’s Rights Convention, Worcester, 1850,” Tiffany Wayne

Woman Questions 2, Friday, July 9 at 11:30 AM EST

Moderated by Wes Mott

“Louisa May Alcott’s Literary Activism: A Contemporary Reading of Hospital Sketches,” Elif Armbruster

“Evolving Concepts of Talent and Genius in the work of Louisa May Alcott,” Lauren Hehmeyer

“Coming Out of the Slough of Despond: Depression and Recovery in Work,” Karyn Valerius

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