19th-Century Women Writers and Archives

Image is an original illustration of the panelists by Jojo Karlin.

At the remote 2021 MLA Annual Convention, and the Margaret Fuller Society is hosted a roundtable on “19th-Century Women Writers and Archives,” presided by Margaret Fuller Society President Sonia Di Loreto. The panel fulfilled its promise to showcase the ongoing work of several scholars undertaking archival research to tell the stories of lesser known women writers and women musicians as well as the exciting digitization projects of several scholars working to publish women’s writing for the general public online.

Women mentioned included Julia Ward Howe, Lydia Maria Child, Edna Dow Cheney, Maria Zakrzewska, Susan Dimock, Caroline Healy Dall, Jane Austen, Mary Elizabeth Lucy, Margaret Fuller, Caroline Sturgis Tappan, and Catharine Maria Sedgwick, among others.

Click on the links below to read the full paper abstracts.

“The Margaret Fuller Society Archive,” Charlene Avallone, Margaret Fuller Society Immediate Past President, Independent Scholar [abstract]

“Digitizing Nineteenth-Century Women’s Writing Using Manifold,” Christina Katopodis, Margaret Fuller Society Advisory Board and Website Manager, The Graduate Center, CUNY [abstract]

“What Nineteenth-Century Women’s Music Collections Can Show Us,” Elizabeth Weybright, The Graduate Center, CUNY [abstract]

“Arcadia in the Archives: The Utopian Imagination of Margaret Fuller’s Conversationalists,” Ariel Silver, Columbus Ohio Institute of Religion [abstract]

“Transcendental Women Losing Their Religion,” David Faflik, University of Rhode Island [abstract]

“Persistence: From the Archives to the Digital Edition–Catharine Maria Sedgwick Online Letters Project,” Lucinda Damon-Bach and Alyssa Carrizales, Salem State University

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