Happy Birthday, Margaret Fuller! A Fundraiser

Happy Birthday Margaret!

Please join us in celebrating Margaret’s 213th Birthday!

We would like to celebrate together the enduring and strengthening presence of Margaret Fuller in our lives!

And, thanks to our baker extraordinaire, Christina Katopodis, we have a most beautiful (virtual, alas!) cake inspired by Fuller’s short story, “Magnolia of Lake Pontchartrain,” to do so.

For Margaret’s birthday please consider a donation to support the projects we deeply care about.

As you know, we just inaugurated our first award (the Margaret Fuller Society Awards for Racial Justice, won by Jess Libow), and your help will raise funds to support Margaret Fuller’s Neighborhood House, the MFS Award for Racial Justice, and more financial aid for early career scholars.

Gifts of all sizes are deeply appreciated, with a special preference for Fuller’s birth date, in the amount of $21.30 or its multiples ($213) and other combinations!

Please enjoy this Margaret Fuller Society bookmark. You can print it out and use it right away.

Thank you!

Pistachio cake with American Buttercream frosting, baked and designed by Christina Katopodis